Why people love working with Audra Christie as their "Reframe Coach."

Coach Me Audra

Patty Wu, President of VCA Animal Hospitals says:

Audra was highly recommended as an executive coach, helping newly appointed leaders transition into new roles. My colleague advised me that Audra helped her develop a robust 120-day onboarding plan to successfully transition into a new role with a new team. After working with Audra, she taught me the value of quickly getting to the root cause of human behavior and issues. I would say the following about Audra's superpower - if you allow her, she will connect with your core motivating factors to bring the best out of you. Where to begin - she shines a flashlight on your strengths and behaviors/attitudes holding you back. Audra does not "candy coat" things - and I appreciated that so we could quickly determine the course of action to ensure I quickly got to impact.

Moreover, Audra is incredibly insightful and asks all the questions to get you to root issues. You will no longer try to solve everything - you will address core issues vs. symptoms. Audra doesn't mess around! As a result of working with Audra, I confidently stepped into my new role armed with new tools and a clearer sense of self. I could not have done this without her depth of perception.

Omari Buncum, Director of Operations at Live! at the Battery Atlanta says:

Prior to working with Audra as my executive coach, I thought I was self-aware and had a decent EQ. However, working with Audra was illuminating. She has an understanding of human behavior and work environment dynamics that are truly next level. She helped me "reframe" many things in my head, including the importance of approachability, tone, body language, and the overall importance of building heart connections - especially when we are all working from home. As a result of working with Audra, I walked away with a "reframe" strategy to avoid diluting my leadership messages. At the end of the day, words really do matter. I would recommend you hire Audra - don't wait! She is the real deal...


Karla Davis, Group Vice President of Bath & Body Works says:

Prior to working with Audra as my executive coach, I was in the process of transitioning to the next level of leadership - VP. During that time, I was looking for support and guidance on how to make the appropriate changes for impact. In addition, I was looking for additional suppprt to build cohesion and trust across my team. As a result of working with Audra, I'm walking away with the exact leadership tools and resources to better assess my own talents for personal growth, a true understanding of the value I bring to an organization overall, and the right framework to continue building a high performance team. Moreover, Audra's "super power" is the ability to provide very balanced and constructive feedback. She can tell you what you want to hear and what you need to hear...in a way that is easy to receive! I would highly recommend Audra to be your "go to" executive coach. She is an experienced executive leader that truly understands what it takes to excel in corporate leadership. In essence, she understands the game and can help others do the same. Simply put, Audra is awesome!

John Nemo, Founder of Nemo Media Group says:

Getting a chance to look under the hood of Audra's expertise while working closely with her made it clear to me WHY she's considered the best in the business when it comes to Executive Coaching ... Audra's incredible background gives her such a unique combination of both academic pedigree / expertise PLUS the real-life, real-world practical experience that leaders are looking for when they want an expert. Audra has the insight, expertise, and attention to detail you want in a Coach or Consultant, and even better she delivers it all with a fun, powerful, and magnetic personality that also makes her a great speaker and presenter. Cannot recommend Audra and her talents enough.

Jason Ware, Head of Investor Relations of VS&CO says:

Audra is an exceptional executive coach! She brings a depth and breadth of experience to each situation which allows her to quickly assess and read the room. Since working with Audra, I've grown tremendously as an executive because she gives it to me straight - direct feedback in the moment because I need it; not because I want it. If you are looking to level up or simply "reframe" your leadership language, I would highly recommend Audra...she is a fantastic partner and trusted advisor.

Katie Welch, Chief Marketing Officer of Rare Beauty says:

I am grateful to have found Audra Christie - she is an indispensable executive coach and trusted advisor. Her candid and direct feedback has strengthened my mindset as a C-level leader. Our conversations have helped me come into my own as a well-rounded leader. Because of her, I believe I am more effective at my job and more fulfilled in my career. Thank you, Audra!

Sean B., Enterprise Transformation, Retail Beauty says:

Audra came highly recommended by a trusted colleague who was her previous client. I quickly experienced Audra's amazing ability to assess my strengths and opportunities and convey them in a clear, actionable manner. Given my career goals, Audra's previous retail background and experience with Senior Leaders made an immediate positive impact in helping to navigate strategic initiatives and partnerships with our Executive Team. She makes it a point to understand the business - we speak the same language.
During our time together, Audra also helped me to "reframe" how to recalibrate where I was spending my time to ensure I was elevating my team and continuing to lead at the enterprise level. I've never experienced anything like this - Audra's superpower is apparent because she has an innate ability to "see you" as a leader and quickly get to the root cause.
I highly recommend Audra as an Executive Coach - you will be transformed on many levels working with Audra. Let me leave you with one major thing - she requires openness and candor and will certainly reciprocate, so get ready - she isn't messing around! Audra's ability to quickly build trust by sharing what you need to hear instead of what you may want to hear. She is the real deal.

Laura Beres, VP, Enterprise Transformation, ULTA Beauty says:

Audra is an authentic leader and coach with instant credibility and a wealth of experience, in addition to an ability to scan situations. It was clear from the first conversation that she would add tremendous value to my leadership transition.
Before working with Audra, I was transitioning to an Officer level and needed a coach who would push me to grow over a short timeline. I also was battling imposter syndrome and needed an honest coach to identify my blind spots and help raise my confidence. During our engagement, I have become a more confident leader with Audra's support. In addition, she's helped me with positioning work at a more senior level within the organization. Audra gets it in a way that others don't; she sees connections and motivations quickly and clearly, which helped me understand different perspectives and know how to prepare for various issues.
As a result of working with Audra, I've been able to have more candid conversations across the organization; this came from my better understanding of organizational perspectives and motivations, as well as my confidence in my leadership and role. Audra prepared me for difficult transition periods in a brutally honest and supportive way.
When you decide to hire Audra as your Executive Coach, you will gain years of growth and confidence quickly. Audra does not waste time, and I treasured my time with her!

Cynthia J. Miller, Former Chief Digital Officer, Hanesbrands Inc. says:

Moving into an elevated role at a company you have been in for years can be tricky. Being able to show up differently yet being the same authentic me was important. When offered this opportunity, it was a definite yes to "being the best me I could be."
Before working with Audra, I struggled with leaning into my voice, and I learned a critical insight from Audra early in our engagement. She said you could say what you say...but it is how you say it changes the game...this is why Audra is called the Reframe Coach. She gave me great tips and techniques to communicate directly and effectively with the C-suite. Trust me, Audra is not named the "Reframe Coach for nothing!" Her superpower is her ability to use words to convey the right message every time.
I highly recommend Audra as your Executivetive Coach because she takes the time to get to know you as a person, then leader, and Client. Audra truly listens to what you are saying and how you are saying it. She finds rough nuggets in you and helps you turn them into diamonds. She believes in you and your ability to grow/learn and become the C-suite individual you were meant to be. Don't delay - she's worth it!