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Executive Onboarding

C-level executives have just one opportunity to transition quickly. The Blueprint - How To Conquer Your First 120 Days program is designed to jump-start culture assimilation, build political savvy, and increase your leadership visibility.  

New Leader Assimilation

New Leader Assimilations are the key to any C-level leader's success within the First 120 Days. This program affords the leader an opportunity to connect with their teams, build trust and credibility, and quickly course correct based on feedback in a safe and open environment. 

Coach Me Audra!

Executive Presence

The key to getting to any C-level position can be summed up in two words, "Executive Presence." How many times have you heard, "I just can't explain what executive presence is, but I certainly know it when I see it." This program will help you present yourself in a way that is unforgettable after each interaction. 


Effective leadership is crucial to the success of any organization. As an executive, you drive strategy, achieve business results, and inspire your team to perform at their best.

Through our tailored coaching programs, you will learn to master the art and science of executive leadership, including strategic thinking, on-demand decision-making, executive presence, and purpose-driven leadership. Leaders don't stop; they elevate.


We believe that executive leadership is more about mindset. The way you think, and approach challenges can have a profound impact on your success as a leader.

That's why we focus not only on developing practical skills but also on cultivating a growth mindset. Our executive leadership programs are designed to help you develop the mindset of a high-performing leader who embraces challenges as opportunities for growth, values continuous learning, and inspires others to do the same.

Your journey of striving for excellence begins today.

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