Elevate Your Executive Presence and Increase Your Leadership Visibiity

There's no substitute for time and experience as you continue to grow your career. As your coach, I'll help you step into the next level of your career with the utmost confidence. 

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The Unvarnished Truth of Executive Coaching

My mission is to build and nurture executives and senior leaders for the future. My expertise explicitly focuses on developing leaders from the C.O.R.E.™ (Commitment, Openness, Resilience, and Empathy) as a viable lever to ignite behavioral change. This specific yet necessary training will arm leaders with concepts and tools that support the organization's strategic direction.

I have developed a proven three-step proprietary system that helps organizations swing the pendulum toward building talent. This is not a quick fix "buy" strategy - we do this through customized, one-on-one coaching, live programming for associates & teams, coaching circles, and our online self-managing leadership course to develop purpose-driven leaders.


One-on-One Executive Coaching

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Develop the leadership skills, mindset, and strategies needed to succeed in your new role.

Our 1:1 coaching program is to help newly formed or existing leaders achieve high-performing status. You'll be provided with a safe and confidential space for you to explore challenges, build self-awareness, and enhance your leadership abilities.

  • Coaching packages including time, routine and cadence are customized to fit organizational and individual needs and objective.
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Hi-Po Coaching Circles

A small intimate cohort of 10-15 leaders wanting to elevate their executive presence.

During this interactive, eight-week coaching intensive, leaders will examine their leadership style unprecedentedly by exploring our proprietary C.O.R.E. Dimensions Model™: Leading Self, Leading Team, Leading Function, Leading Enterprise, and Leading Future. As a result of attending this program, leaders will develop new ways of thinking, feeling, acting, learning, leading, and relating to others to help elevate their executive presence and increase organizational effectiveness. By focusing on the C.O.R.E., leaders will be equipped with the qualities and skill sets to position themselves as the ONLY logical choice when faced with critical career interactions. 

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Online Course: How to Reclaim Your Executive Presence

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Boldly take the next step in your career confidently and position yourself as the only logical choice.

In 'How to Reclaim Your Executive Presence,' I'll show you how to position yourself as the only logical choice for advancing your career. You'll receive my proven framework for increasing your leadership visibility, standing out at work, and confidently going after your next leadership position.

  • Feel more confident than ever before in every leadership interaction

  • Be in complete control of what happens next in your career

  • Shape your narrative (who you are and who you want to be) so that people are saying the things about you that you want them to say

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Team Alignment Cohorts 

Designed to help teams work more effectively, align around shared goals, and overcome challenges.

Team alignment cohorts are singularly focused on raising the bar and building high-performance teams. During this process, we provide performance data to "hold" up the mirror for leaders and teams, establish protocols to close gaps, and become better horizontal teams across the organization.

We use a combination of coaching, facilitation, and assessments to help teams build trust, improve communication, and enhance their performance. You can work with our experienced coaches to develop a customized plan that meets your team's needs.

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Rules of Engagement: Unmasking the Mysteries of Executive Leadership for Women of Color

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Grounded in research and real-life experiences to empower women of color

This program is uniquely curated to prepare women of color face to raise their awareness and deepen their perspective while serving in various leadership roles. It is time we 'remove the mask' and address the barriers to execution getting in the way of elevating women of color into positions with increasing responsibility.

By participating in this interactive executive leadership program, women of color will gain invaluable insight to help them navigate the hidden complexities of organizational leadership. Through interactive modules and on-demand coaching, women of color will learn how to effectively communicate their vision, take control of their narrative, build and lead high-performing teams, and overcome the obstacles that often hold them back.

Women of color need a supportive community of like-minded individuals to emerge together as influential leaders in their organizations and beyond. This program will give them the essentials of strategic leadership and much more!


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VIP Day Intensive 

An immersive and personalized experience for executives and leaders.

This program includes coaching sessions, assessments, and action planning designed to help you gain clarity, focus, and momentum in your personal and professional lives. You can work one-on-one with one of our experienced coaches to address your goals and challenges.


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I'm Audra Christie

I'm a Certified Executive and Professional Coach and founder of Mindset Change Coaching, LLC, with over 25 years of experience guiding global C-Suite and senior-level leaders to inspirational and breakthrough performance.

I help leaders transition into their first C-level position and help emerging leaders elevate their executive presence so they can move forward in their careers. My proven, proprietary methods allow fearless exploration and reflection to change behaviors and banish self-limiting beliefs. 

Before launching my own executive coaching firm, I spent 25 years in global leadership roles in Human Resources, Finance, Corporate Strategy, Enterprise Transformation, and Supply Chain across a variety of retail brands and sectors such as Walmart, Centex Homes (acquired by Pulte), Kimberly-Clark, S&P Global, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and VS&CO (formerly known as Lbrands).

I know what it takes to become a great leader - one who is confident, empowering, and creates a culture that people want to be part of. I can't wait to show you how to do the same.